Delve into the Prestigious Recap of Our 1st Annual Rime Summit 2024: Crafting Perspectives, Pioneering Tomorrow’s Journey

Delve into the Prestigious Recap of Our 1st Annual Rime Summit 2024: Crafting Perspectives, Pioneering Tomorrow’s Journey

We are delighted to summarize the key moments from the recent Rime Summit 2024, held on February 16th at Swissotel Al Ghurair. Our primary emphasis was on communicating our shift from traders to manufacturers, unveiling our forthcoming product range, and detailing our expansion strategies. With a spotlight on our upgraded manufacturing capabilities, The summit served as a forum to deepen partnerships and solidify our standing as frontrunners in the industry.

The main highlights of the event

Transition from Traders to Manufacturers

We’ve strategically shifted from traders to manufacturers to prioritize quality and innovation, enhancing market competitiveness and meeting customer needs. This transition leverages valuable insights from independent dealers to guide our customer-focused manufacturing efforts.

Expansion of the company

Currently, our operations are based at our head office and the Celsius Factory in JAFZA. We are excited to announce the Kelvin Factory, our largest facility to date, set to be completed in May 2025. This new factory, with the third-largest built-up area in JAFZA, will focus on assembling a diverse range of Condensing Units. This expansion underscores our commitment to scaling manufacturing capabilities and meeting growing customer demands with efficiency and excellence.

Global Reach

We have established a significant presence in 12 countries, marking a milestone in our international growth. By 2026, we aim to expand to 25 countries, reflecting our commitment to deeper market penetration, stronger partnerships, and a broader customer base. This strategic growth will leverage our expertise to solidify our position as a global industry leader.


Expanding to 25 countries presents a great opportunity to strengthen partnerships and enhance our product range. We value your input and look forward to collaborating for mutual growth. Our factories are ready to innovate in refrigeration products, delivering solutions for you and your clients. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Product List

Explore our product lineup from 2024 to 2027, characterized by outstanding excellence and top-notch quality.

  • Ammonia Screw Compressor Unit
  • Evaporators
  • All Types of Heat Exchangers
  • Multiple Compressor System (rack system)
  • Overhead Roof Mount Evaporator Unit
  • Industrial Evaporator
  • Ammonia Evaporator
  • V type Condenser & Condensing Unit
  • H Type Condenser
  • Dual Discharge Evaporator
  • Size Discharge Evaporator
  • Tunnel Freezer Evaporator
  • Monoblock
  • Cabinet Condensing Unit
  • Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

In conclusion, the Rime Summit 2024 marked our shift to manufacturing, introduced our new product range, and outlined ambitious expansion plans. With enhanced manufacturing capabilities, the summit strengthened partnerships and reaffirmed our industry leadership. Looking forward, we’re excited about expanded facilities, global outreach, and collaborative innovations, positioning us to deliver top-tier refrigeration solutions that exceed customer expectations.