rime’s Walk-In Freezer Doors: Exemplifying Excellence in Energy Efficiency, Installation Ease, and Performance Precision

rime’s Walk-In Freezer Doors: Exemplifying Excellence in Energy Efficiency, Installation Ease, and Performance Precision

rime’s cold room doors, in Sliding and Hinged styles, prioritize energy efficiency and robust insulation. With diverse dimensions and easy installation, these doors, crafted with advanced technology, guarantee seamless integration and exceptional performance.

rime’s Cold Room Doors Manufacturing Process

At rime, our commitment to excellence in cold room doors is driven by advanced equipment, a skilled technical team, and mature processes. The manufacturing process begins with sheet metal work, precision bending, and polyurethane injection for optimal door leaf density. Following assembly and accessory fixation, each door undergoes rigorous testing in the Quality Control department. Once approved, doors proceed to sealing before final dispatch. Our organized production workflow reflects a dedication to traditional craftsmanship, ensuring benchmark quality with efficiency and precision.

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rime Hinged Cold Room Door

rime Hinged Cold Room Doors is the perfect choice for cold rooms with temperatures as low as +0°C for chilling and -20°C for freezing. They are versatile and lightweight and ideal for industrial facilities, supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants. With insulated door blades, elastic rubber strips, and a well-organized frame, these doors offer flexibility for clear and wall openings, making them a compact and efficient solution for various environments.

rime Sliding Cold Room Door

rime Sliding Cold Room Door offers versatile temperature solutions from +0°C to -40°C, ideal for cold rooms with larger openings. These doors are designed for high-traffic areas and provide reliable and durable performance, featuring insulated door blades, injected foam insulation, elastic rubber strips, and a robust frame.

Key features of rime’s Cold Room Doors

rime’s cold room doors, available in 70-120 mm thickness, feature foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation at 40 kg/m3 density. With rounded and flexible gaskets for effective sealing in low temperatures, these doors include a pre-painted galvanized sheet cover with a safety lock. The robust frame, equipped with a thermal break, PVC coating, and aluminum components, ensures optimal cold insulation. The doors undergo rigorous testing, have numbered parts for efficient after-sales service, and offer customization options, including colored sheets, stainless.

Advantages of rime’s Cold Room Doors

rime’s doors excel with corrosion resistance, easy installation, high tightness, and durability. Offering convenient access and versatility for various thicknesses and markets, they meet food safety standards and boast strong mechanical elements. With optimal functionality, precise 4-point adjustment, and a self-supporting frame that eliminates the need for auxiliary structures, these doors deliver strength and efficiency in one package.

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