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Refrigeration Solutions by rime

At rime, we are committed to delivering exceptional refrigeration systems. Our team of skilled engineers, sales managers, and craftsmen designs and manufactures bespoke equipment to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you need a unique system or cutting-edge refrigeration, our solutions are engineered to exceed industry standards.

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Engineered Heat Exchangers
for Every Application
Heat Exchanger (Coils)

We design and manufacture high-performance heat exchangers tailored to meet the unique demands of your HVAC&R systems.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures exceptional efficiency, reliability, and longevity, making us your trusted partner for all your cooling and heating needs.

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condensing units

Superior Cooling with Rime
Condensing Units

Designed for peak efficiency and unmatched reliability, our condensing units offer exceptional cooling solutions tailored for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

compressor pack

Powering Efficiency
and Reliability

Discover cutting-edge technology that optimizes cooling performance with our versatile and robust compressor packs. Ideal for diverse industrial applications, ensuring superior efficiency and reliability.


Advanced Cooling
with rime Evaporators

High-performance cooling and energy efficiency, engineered for diverse industrial and commercial needs, ensuring optimal temperature control and reliability in every application.

Cold Room Doors
Sealing Freshness,
Every Time

Explore our advanced cold room doors designed for precision and durability, ensuring optimal insulation and reliable performance in diverse industrial environments.

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HVAC Products
Copper Products
Refrigerant Gas
Copper Products
Premium Copper
Solutions: Forged

Explore our top-tier copper products, designed for durability and peak performance in refrigeration and HVAC systems.

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Refrigerant Gas
Optimize Cooling
Efficiency and Reliability

Discover our dependable refrigerant gases, ensuring efficient cooling and environmental compliance across diverse applications.

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Empower Your Operations
With Our Compressor

Experience our cutting-edge compressors, engineered for reliability and high-performance in refrigeration and industrial cooling systems.

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Precision Spare Parts
for Seamless Operation
Genuine Spare Parts

Explore our extensive range of genuine spare parts from leading brands like Bitzer, Castel, EMB papst, Packless, and Harris copper brazing products for dependable replacements and seamless operations.

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spare parts