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Discover rime's premium refrigeration products, meticulously engineered for superior build quality and performance. Our condensing units, evaporators, and compressor packs offer dependable and efficient cooling for industrial and commercial needs.

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rime’s Robust
Condensing Units

with BITZER Compressor

Discover the rime Condensing Unit, built with high-performance Bitzer Compressors for maximum efficiency and reliability. Ideal for commercial and industrial use, our units offer robust cooling performance and unmatched durability, meeting all your refrigeration needs with precision.

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Enhance your cooling systems with rime Evaporators. Our evaporators are designed for superior performance in various commercial and industrial settings and provide exceptional efficiency and innovative design for optimal refrigeration.

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rime Compressor Packs

with BITZER Compressor

Unmatched Power and Reliability

Experience the power of rime Compressor Packs, built using Bitzer Compressors for consistent and efficient performance in both medium and low-temperature applications. Our compressor packs offer versatile solutions with advanced technology, ensuring reliable and powerful refrigeration.

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Precision Engineering


Our refrigeration products are manufactured with precision engineering, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for all your cooling needs.

High Efficiency


Get remarkable efficiency with rime's advanced refrigeration solutions, made for maximum energy savings and minimal operational costs.

Robust Durability


Constructed for robust durability and capable of withstanding the most demanding industrial environments.

Custom Solutions


We offer bespoke refrigeration solutions, tailored to meet your unique specifications and requirements, ensuring perfect fit and functionality.

Inside the Factory

At rime, our commitment to excellence extends across every stage of the manufacturing process, from sourcing premium materials to delivering innovative and reliable refrigeration products to our valued clients.

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