Located in JAFZA, UAE, rime crafts refrigeration units with precision. Focusing on quality, accuracy, and accessibility, we transform refrigeration parts into complete, high-performance units bearing the rime brand.

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rime celsius factory,
pioneering excellence

Nestled in the heart of Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, the rime Celsius Factory stands as our pioneering facility. As the inaugural unit, it represents the genesis of our commitment to advanced refrigeration technology. Here, precision engineering meets cutting-edge processes, creating a hub of innovation that resonates with our dedication to excellence.

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kelvin factory

rime kelvin factory:
our future of refrigeration

Under construction and poised to be one of the largest built-up spaces in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, the rime Kelvin Factory is set to redefine the landscape of refrigeration manufacturing. As our largest assembly line unit, it signifies the next phase of our journey toward unparalleled craftsmanship. This future-ready facility is designed to elevate our capabilities, ensuring that every product leaving its assembly line reflects the pinnacle of quality and innovation. The Kelvin Factory is a testament to our growth and a symbol of our unwavering commitment to shaping the future of Refrigeration in the region.


Precision Assembly at rime

Building Condensing Units with
Engineered Expertise

At rime's state-of-the-art Assembly Line Factory, precision engineering is our key to building a condensing unit. Our assembly line is meticulously designed to combine the intricate components of our cutting-edge condensing units, featuring renowned BITZER compressors. The following shows an example on our assembly line system for one of many products.


Material Inspection

The journey begins with meticulously inspecting the components that go into building the units. Only the finest components, including the GVN Accumulator, Compressor with Crankcase Heater, Packless Vibration Absorber, Danfoss HP/LP Switch, Danfoss Oil Separator and Oil Pressure Switch, and Castel Liquid Receiver, make their way into our assembly line, ensuring the quality of the final product.


Component Integration

Each component, from condenser coils to electrical elements, seamlessly integrates into the assembly line. Our technicians, equipped with expertise, meticulously align and connect the components with utmost precision.


BITZER Compressor Integration

As a mark of excellence, our condensing units feature BITZER compressors – a cornerstone of reliability and efficiency in the refrigeration industry. These compressors, along with additional components like Castel Filter Dryers, Castel Solenoid Valve, Castel Sight Glass, Castel Hand Valve, and Danfoss Condenser Head Pressure Control (KP5), are seamlessly integrated into the assembly, enhancing the performance and longevity of our units.


Quality Control Measures

Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every step to ensure that each condensing unit meets our stringent standards. Advanced testing equipment and meticulous inspections guarantee the flawless functionality of the final product.


Final Checks and Packaging

Before leaving the assembly line, each condensing unit undergoes final checks to guarantee optimal performance. Once approved, units are carefully packaged and ready to enhance refrigeration systems across various industries.