Superior Performance and Easy Installation

Rime offers top-tier walk-in freezer doors in both sliding and hinged styles. Engineered for energy efficiency and robust insulation, our doors ensure optimal performance upon closure. Available in various dimensions and thicknesses, they are quick and easy to install, requiring minimal maintenance. Crafted with advanced machinery and cutting-edge technology, Rime doors guarantee seamless integration and exceptional reliability.

hinged door
Hinged Cold Room Doors

Cold Storage Solutions with Unmatched Insulation and Efficiency

Rime's hinged cold room doors offer superior insulation and energy efficiency. Built for durability, they provide a secure closure with minimal maintenance. Available in various sizes, these doors ensure seamless integration into any cold storage setup, enhancing overall performance and reliability.

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sliding door
Sliding Cold Room Doors

Glide Through with Seamless Operation and Superior Insulation

rime's sliding cold room doors combine robust insulation with smooth operation. Designed for easy installation and low maintenance, they come in multiple dimensions to fit diverse requirements. Utilizing advanced technology, these doors guarantee exceptional energy efficiency and durability for all cold storage needs.

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Advanced insulation materials ensure optimal temperature control and energy efficiency.


High Quality materials and precise engineering ensure long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance


Available in various sizes and configurations to fit specific cold storage needs.


Designed for easy installation and smooth operation, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.

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