Our Warehouse

Strategically Located Branches and Warehousing Excellence for Seamless Access

We seamlessly integrate strategically located branches and advanced warehousing facilities to provide unparalleled access to a diverse range of refrigeration products. With branches strategically positioned and a dedicated Warehouse at our Jebel Ali Free Zone Area (JAFZA) Head Office in Dubai, UAE, along with one within the Celsius Factory premises, we ensure efficient distribution and readily available stock.

Navigating Through rime's Advanced Warehousing Practices

Product Accessibility

Our Warehouses are meticulously organized for quick and efficient access to various refrigeration components, aligning with our commitment to timely deliveries and client satisfaction.

Safety Protocols

Adhering to stringent safety protocols, our Warehouses prioritize the well-being of staff and product integrity. Proper labeling, secure stacking, and strict safety guidelines create a safe storage environment.

Proper Storage

Our warehouses implement adequate storage practices to ensure optimal conditions for preserving the quality of products. Refrigerants, copper coils, fittings, and spare parts are stored under conditions that minimize the risk of damage or degradation.

Inventory Management

Supported by a robust supply chain and logistics team, our warehouse facilities are the cornerstone of our operational efficiency, guaranteeing the availability of essential products and components to meet the dynamic demands of the refrigeration industry.