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Compressor Packs

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rime's Compressor Packs epitomize refrigeration excellence, integrating multiple compressors within a unified frame for diverse cooling demands across industries. Sourced exclusively from industry leader Bitzer, our solutions guarantee unmatched reliability and performance. Effortless to install and maintain, Rime's compressor packs set a new standard in refrigeration technology.

compressor packs

compressor packs

Compressors Pack

rime's compressor packs are designed for versatile commercial applications, providing robust cooling for large warehouses and industrial buildings. These packs can operate independently or as part of a larger system, and are available for integration with existing condensers or paired with rime condensers.

Compact and space-efficient, each pack includes refrigerant filters, a receiver, sight glass, safety valve, and pressure switches for enhanced security. Fully customizable to meet specific needs.

Overview of rime
Compressor Packs
Capacity for MT cooling: .30 – 700 kW
Capacity for LT cooling: 20 – 500 kW
Refrigerants: R404a/R507a/R134a/R22
Compressor types: Bitzer Ecoline Reciprocating / HS Screw
No. of Compressors: 2 - 6
Evap. Temperature: MT: -8 / LT: -25
Key Features and
Components of the
rime Compress
Pack System
  • Bitzer Reciprocating
  • Screw Compressors
  • Suction Header
  • Suction Line Filter
  • Industrial Main Valves
  • Suction Accumulator
  • Liquid Receiver
  • Liquid Line Filter Drier
  • Oil Level Regulator
  • Vibration Absorber
  • Dual Pressure Switches
  • Mounting Frame
  • Oil Management System
  • Electrical Panel
Advanced Systems.
Advantages Delivered.
  • Reduce initial investment cost of projects
  • Considerable reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduce number of required compressors
  • Maintain equal working hours between compressors
  • Increase compressor lifespan by decreasing number of start/stops
  • Seamlessly take over until repairs, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • Faster cooling down
  • Integrated control system
  • Reliable oil management system by using an oil reservoir

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